What is a management services organization (MSO)?

An MSO generally provides practice management and administrative support to individual physicians, group practices, and other healthcare related businesses.

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How do MSOs provide value to the physician groups that it serves?

As MSOs purchase their services as a group instead of individually, they can generally achieve significant economies of scale. In addition, groups benefit from having opportunities to collaborate with one another to address operational efficiencies and enhance business development.

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Does Independent Practice Solutions (IPS) have experience helping practices achieve "meaningful use"?

Yes. THe management and IT staff at IPS have extensive experience in successfully implementing electronic health record systems and have assisted practices in achieving meaningful use.

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It has become increasingly difficult to keep up with all the regulations governing medical practices. (OSHA, CLIA, HIPAA, ARRA, HITECH, etc) Can IPS help us maintain compliance with these regulations?

Yes. IPS can assist you with policy development, staff, training, and monitoring compliance.

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What options exist for physicians to develop more cost efficient quality - based models of heathcare?

With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the government is rapidly promoting the development of accountable care orgamizations (ACOs) and patient centered medical homes. These can be achieved with physicians merging or creating larger independent practices, physicians becoming employed by hospitals, or developing integrated delivery systems (IDS) with independent physician and hospital involvement. An MSO is uniquely positioned to allow independent physicians an opportunity to align themselves together for the development of a physician directed model that meets the needs of their patients and their practice.

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