Radiology Services

Full RIS/PACS Solution

IPS has partnered with Novarad to bring you a full RIS/PACS with voice recogntion and DR all in one solution. There are zero upfront costs and no upgrade fees.

Offsite Back-up Services

IPS has a full datacenter and can accomodate all of your offsite backup needs from radiology images,patient HPI, and other critical functions.

Streamline Workflow

Analyze current technologist and radiologist workflow to improve efficiencies from patient imaging to patient resulting.

Disaster Recovery

Offer the ability to not only get your offsite backup to you within 24 hours, but also offer the ability to upload your archived images into our Novarad software for web viewing on our servers.

Cost Reduction Planning

We take your current overall PACS solution from your Internet Service Provider to your Disaster Recovery and put you on a path for cost reduction from your current model.

Radiology Reading Services

We have partnered with mutiple Radiologists to offer a comprehensive range of radiology reading services.


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